Yvonne & Adriaan van den Bos

"Fotografia" - precious moments in our lives

Thank you for visiting our website. We, Yvonne and Adriaan, are  living in the province of Zeeland in The Netherlands. A part of our heart is still in the Mediterranean, where we have lived for more than fourteen years.  Six years in Greece and eight years in Italy. We like to spend our holidays in southern Europe, enjoy the Mediterranean colour of life and try to capture this in our photos. Our most recent photos, however,  are from  VlissingenHaarlem, Maastricht and an impression of   " the Pastorale" a very special small-scale music festival in the beautiful and peaceful village Nisse in Zeeland and a short serie of photos taken in the new library (Stadtbibliothek) of Stuttgart. Furthermore you will find many photos of Salento, in the Italy folder, where we stayed for almost two months during the spring (primavera) this year. In the Italy folder you will find also recent galleries of Sicily.

In future we would like to focus more and more on people and street photography, but this needs real courage. We advise you not to view too many photos in one go. Please come back now and then, like in a museum. The folder Personal Work is protected, because it contains photos that we only share with our family and good friends. We have also started a very simple Blog. It would be nice if you leave a short message behind, by pressing contact at the top of the page. We are interested in who is visiting our site and which photos you liked most.

Yvonne and Adriaan                                                                            

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