Scandinavia - Yvonne & Adriaan van den Bos

Since we bought our buscamper we travel every year to Scandinavia. In 2017 - 2019 we have been traveling in Denmark. We follow the Margueritruten, an autoroute through Denmark of about. 3.700 km's. We started off in Jutland and  then we went to the islands of Ærø, Funen, Langeland, Lolland, Falster, Møn, Sjælland and Samsø. Denmark is a very beautiful country and has all ingredients that we so much like: the sea, the coast, islands, nice rural areas, friendly people and space to breath and travel.

In 2019 we have made a round trip, starting in Denmark, though South-West  Norway and we ended in the south of Sweden on the island of Öland. It was a fantastic trip. It is our plan to travel in Scandinavia every year and explore Scandinavia further. It has so much to offer and we have only seen a small part of it yet. The nature is stunning. The weather might be a challenge sometimes.

We are now in the process of uploading our photos. Norway is almost done. We are now working on our photos of Sweden. A travelogue of our trip will soon be published on our BLOG.

NT Aurlandsfjellet
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