Spain, like the other mediterranean countries, is a place where  we like to be and feel at home. We have been many times in Spain and visited many places. In earlier days we were there for work, but also travelled around on holidays. Regretfully, you will not find  photos from the early days, since these photos have not been digitalised. In 2018 we have travelled with our camper in the north of Spain and in 2019 in Extremadura. In 2022 we travelled from the north of Span to the south, mainly inlands. We are in the process of uploading our photos of 2022.

When you click on the Map - photo locations , here below you can exactly see where we have taken our photos as from 2018. We recommend you to select the satellite  view, in the top right corner of the map.

Faro de Cabo Vilán, Camariñas

Maps - Photo locations

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